ORIGAMI Flavor Cups


ORIGAMI Flavor Cups

We love ORIGAMI's new Flavor Cups and are excited to offer them to the United States. Some of you may have seen them before, but we're guessing that the majority of you haven't. So today we are focusing on the Flavor Cup series. The shapes, the color, and how to enjoy them!


There are four different shapes in the Flavor Cup series. Starting from the left of the image below - are Aroma, Barrel, Pinot, and Sensory. Aroma, Barrel, and Pinot all have a similar capacity of 6.7-7.1oz/200-210ml, whereas Sensory has a capacity of 12.1oz/360ml. Aroma, Barrel, and Pinot are available in white and matte black, and Sensory is available in white and pink.

Now that you've learned the fundamentals, let's take a look at them one by one. But first, let me explain why ORIGAMI started creating these various types of cups. As you may know, ORIGAMI creates elegant gadgets for pouring the perfect cup of coffee. Most brewers are interested in which tools to use for the best pour, but what about mugs and cups? To appreciate the flavor of wine or craft beer, you utilize various types of glasses, right? Why not use the same logic to coffee? That was the beginning of Flavor Cups.

Because the angle of your jaw varies from cup to cup, the same coffee tastes different each time (I'll go into more detail about this later.) It affects where the coffee hits the tongue as you drink, changing the taste and flavor. Let's begin with the three smaller cups.


Aroma Flavor Cup 

The Aroma Flavor Cup has the widest bottom among the series. The flavor spreads over this wide bottom and is retained in the middle. Your jaw angle becomes the steepest among the three. With this steep angle, the coffee comes in quickly and hits the back of your tongue, where you sense acidity the most. If you want to increase the acidity of Kilimanjaro coffee, this is the cup to use. However, you can also use this for Mandheling coffee, which has low acidity. You would be able to sense the acidity stronger when you drink from the Aroma Flavor Cup than if you were to drink from a regular cup.


Barrel Flavor Cup

Barrel Flavor Cup has a cute and round shape. When sipping from this cup, you do not have to elevate your jaw too high. As a result, the coffee flows slowly and falls on the tip of your tongue, where sweetness is most likely to be detected. This cup would go well with Colombian coffee, which has a deep sweetness to it.


Pinot Flavor Cup

The Pinot Flavor Cup is a rare shape for a coffee cup. As the name suggests, it is inspired by pinot wine glasses. This cup is a hybrid of the Aroma and Barrel Cup. The coffee flows evenly into your mouth, allowing you to experience the different tastes with your entire tongue.


We provided some bean suggestions for you to try, but we encourage you to experiment with your favorites. You could also try the same drip coffee in three different cups to see how they differ in taste!


Lastly, let’s talk about The Sensory Flavor Cup

Those who follow barista competitions would be aware that this cup was created in collaboration with Jia Ning Du, the 2019 World Brewers Cup Champion, and is the championship's winning cup. The Sensory Flavor Cup is designed to preserve the rich aroma of coffee. It also pours beautifully and can be used as a server.

Colors and Finishing


White and pink have smooth finishes. All of the ORIGAMI dripper colors compliment both of these colors. Of course, white goes with everything. Pink has adorable pastel tones, so you can pair it with an opposite tone and it will still look very pretty. Pink with turquoise or green are my favorite color combinations. The only color with a matte finish is black. The finish adds deepness to the ceramic, which I just love!

There is one last thing I'd like to mention about these cups. It does not have a handle. Yes, ORIGAMI makes Aroma, Barrel, and Pinot in mugs, but without a handle, you can feel the warmth of the coffee directly through your hands. That will allow you to fully appreciate a cup of coffee. Your nose, eyes, and hands…


It's nice to have one of these designs for your favorite brewed coffee. However, it's also fun to test the same brew in different cup shapes. This is also a great gift idea for coffee enthusiasts!

ORIGAMI Flavor Cups