Paper filter-less
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Eco-friendly dripper

Your coffee tastes better with an eco-friendly ceramic dripper that doesn't need a paper filter.

Unique structure

The taste of coffee is determined by the filtration and extraction process. LOCA is a micropourous ceramic and its unique technology removes impurities and brings out the original, clear taste and aroma of the coffee.

Innovative coffee dripper

The LOCA Ceramic Coffee Dripper is an innovative, sustainable coffee dripper that eliminates the need for disposable paper filters. If you were to use this, even just three times a week, you would save 150 paper filters annually. It is the sustainable and economical choice to make.


The LOCA Ceramic Filter is a new type of coffee filter that makes use of the porous properties of ceramic to filter coffee naturally through minuscule holes. It also helps to change the taste of coffee by removing any harsh or odd flavors, allowing you to enjoy your coffee to the fullest.

Proven LOCA effectiveness

The diagram on the right shows the results of a taste test comparing drip coffee using paper filters and the LOCA Ceramic Dripper. The saltiness and bitterness are greatly reduced, and the sweetness has also improved. The transparency of the coffee also becomes clearer. The micropores in LOCA Ceramic Drippers are responsible for this amazing effect.


LOCA Dripper does not need paper filter, but it needs some care to enjoy your coffee in a best condition. With right maintenance, LOCA dripper can be used for a very long time.

Method 1. Boiling the filter

Method 2. Heating Over a Stove

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