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Tastiest and most flavored coffee at home

ORIGAMI was born out of the baristas' wish that "the most delicious and flavored pour over coffee should be enjoyed easily by everyone. ORIGAMI items increase the value of a cup of coffee and fits with your store and home. A wide variety of product lines and color options are also attracting and hard to choose.

Loved by baristas

It is also famous that the World Barista Champion, Jia Ning Du, used the ORIGAMI Dripper and Cups at the World Brewers Cup 2019. Shih Yuan Hsu (Sherry) from Taiwan, winner of the World Brewers Cup, also used ORIGAMI's products.

For coffee enthusiasts looking to make the perfect cup of coffee.

ORIGAMI is a ceramics manufacturer with over 400 years of experience. ORIGAMI Drippers and Cups are manufactured in Gifu, Japan, a region known for its ceramic industry. They collaborate with professional baristas to provide the finest coffee brewing and drinking products.
Many different types of coffee tools have been developed in response to the emergence of “Third wave coffee”.


The name ORIGAMI is derived from the distinctive shape of the coffee dripper. They spent a year working with white porcelain clay without a specific pattern in mind until they achieved this magnificent shape with twenty equally spaced folds. Its unique shape and 20 ribs secure the airway, allowing the dripping speed to be controlled. According to many customers, ORIGAMI makes coffee taste smooth and mild. It can be used with both cone shape and wave paper filters. It allows for flexibility with your brewing.

Used by professional baristas

After being designed with feedback from famous baristas, the ORIGAMI dripper quickly gained popularity among coffee experts. It has appeared in multiple Brewers Cup performances, in which the greatest baristas compete to create the best cup of coffee. The World Barista Champion utilized the ORIGAMI Dripper and Cups at the World Brewers Cup.

Wide range of products

In addition to coffee drippers, ORIGAMI manufactures mugs, cups, and servers that are meant to maximize the ability to feel the warmth of the cup, appreciate the aromas, and taste freshly brewed coffee. A wide range of products and colors are preferred by many people.

Individual package

Products are packaged in individual boxes.

(Wrapping materials are not included.)

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