12 Things you should let go to be happy


Who does not want to be happy?

Everyone wants to be happy. But not all of us are achieving it.

It’s not that we are deliberately blocking happiness from getting into our life. But some of our habits and choices may restraining us from being happy.


Life can be beautiful and also ugly.

You have a choice.

Stop making things way more complicated and why don't you just live your life? It would be so much simpler and more enjoyable if you learned to release certain limitations.


There are many ways to be happy and also things not to do to be happy. Here, I am sharing few things to let go that would make you happier.


  1. The Need for Approval

Stop worrying too much about what people think of you. The definition of happiness depends on the person. No one can decide your happiness but YOU.


  1. Overthinking

It really eats your happiness. Once you start thinking things in a negative way, it’s hard to get out of it. Take a breath and just try to calm down.


  1. Excuse

Many of us hesitate to make the first step that will get you to where you want to be. Why? Because you think “Maybe tomorrow.” Or “I don’t have the time.” If not, then it’s “I don’t just feel like it”. With every excuse you make, you lose an opportunity to make your life better and yourself happier.


  1. Comparing Yourself to Others

When you start comparing yourself to others, you will get jealous or feel inferior. As I said, the definition of happiness is different with each person. ”Glass is always greener on the other side.” So stop comparing yourself with others. Be satisfied with what you have and how you are.


  1. Past

Everyone makes mistakes so stop looking back on the past. You never be able to go back to the past and change it anyways. Try to learn from it and use the past mistakes to create a better future.


  1. Stubbornness

It’s hard to admit that you are wrong, but as I mentioned everyone makes mistakes. Stop thinking that you are always right. And be open to others’ opinion.


  1. Anger

“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.” – Buddha

To choose to no longer be controlled by your anger and to release it leaves you feeling strong and powerful.


  1. Negative thoughts

While you think on negative way, you will never find your own happiness even if you are happy. Kill such negative thoughts before they kill your happiness. Life can be bright or dark, depending on how you look at it. So try looking on the brighter side.


  1. Worrying about the future 

Who knows what will happen in the future? It’s a waste of time to worry about what has not happened yet. Instead, start to use your time to DO something that will make your tomorrow better.


  1. Depending on others

You are the only person who knows whether you are happy or not. Do not depend too much on others such as alcohol, shopping or gambling. These things can make you feel like you are happy, but this is only temporary.


  1. "Fake friends"

We all love to have friends. But remember not all friends are good friends. Friend who contacts you only when they need you is not a real friend. Good friends will always be there for you, support you and show you the brighter part of the life.


  1. Expectations

You should stop expecting anything from anyone. We expect things to be in a certain way we want it to be. We expect someone to be the way we want them to be. But the gap between ideal and reality can be bigger than we think. You need to face the reality and work on what you can do now for the better future.


For your own happiness, how about pick one thing from these and let it go out of your life.


Be happy and share happiness so that others will be happy as well.


12 Things you should let go to be happy