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Precipitation and
Extraction Type
Tea  Dripping


The tea leaves themselves act as a  "filtering filter," and it filters out the
miscellaneous and delicate tea  leaves, resulting in a clear and  flavorful tea.

Unique Structure

As soon as hot water is poured, the tea leaves spread out, ensuring a space for the tea leaves to open and the ingredients to be extracted to the fullest. The tea leaves then naturally fall into the server without tilting or shaking, allowing the individuality of the tea leaves to be extracted more clearly.

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Special product review by Inna Farber


@boychik2989 has 10,000 followers and is influential in the tea industry.

Traditional Anxi TIeGuanYin oolong in TOKINE tea drip system. I measured 6g of leaves, preheated with boiled water over clay filter, glass pitcher and cups. I poured the boiling water three times.I was very pleased with the results. I didn’t overbrew it. It was thick and mellow and I may use more leaf next time only because I like my tea strong. But even like this it was very pleasant. Clay filter has no smell or taste. It acts neutral. Clean up was easy and I rinsed it well with boiling water too. Not sure if this will season with time.
Looks like it’s perfect if you have 2+ company to brew larger amount of tea. Or if you just want to enjoy tea freestyle without obsessing over ratios and timing. Thank you for sourcing it! I highly recommend to try it!

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