Have you got gift ideas for this holiday season? We are here to show you some ideas! From coffee lovers’ essentials to newly developed sustainable tableware, we’ve got some varieties. Let’s start browsing!


    1. Origami dripper and filter set ($50-52)

Origami dripper is definitely the most popular item on our store. It's picked on New York Magazine the Strategist and design milk as a gift idea as well.You’ve already known but Origami is a brand started in Japan and they produce items to enjoy coffee at the most. Their dripper is very uniquely shaped. It just doesn’t look beautiful, it is finely calculated to achieve the best drip. This is the coffee lovers’ “must” item. This dripper is popular among professionals but we recommend it for the beginners as well. Since it optimizes the flowing down speed of coffee, it is not difficult to drip clear and mild coffee at home. As we spend more time at home this year, Origami would be a great gift to update the home café experience!


  1. Origami Flavor Cup set for Coffee Tasting ($54-79)

Ok they have Origami dripper already. Then what about flavor cups? Flavor cups are inspired by wine glasses. When we drink wine or craft beer, we use different shape glasses but not for coffee. Why? Coffee also have different taste notes depending on regions and roast. To taste and feel the coffee aroma, we recommend to use these cups. It tastes different. Curious how and how it tastes different? Read our past blog featuring Flavor Cups. Flavor Cup has 4 different types Aroma, Barrel, Pinot and Sensory. Sensory is a little bigger than other three and can also be used as server. Coffee tasting session would be a perfect activity to do at home. Plus, you can never have too many coffee cups 😉


  1. Healthy Bento Box set ($55-60)

Does she or he have healthy lifestyle? Those bento box can help them stay healthy and safe. GEL-COOL bento box has a gel pad built in lid. You can freeze the lid a night before and prepare the lunch in the morning and the box can keep the food fresh and safe till the lunch time. Square SG and Dome are perfect for lunches and Square L is great for snacks and fruits. This is a great gift for kid’s too! Also, using bento box can help reduce the plastic use. Be healthy, safe and good to earth.


  1. Sustainable Table ware sets ($15~)

Are you looking for New Stuff? Then you should check TRIPWARE. TRIPWARE is a recycled ceramicware manufactured in Japan. You see various kinds of sustainable or upcycled items but have you seen a recycled tableware? Probably not, as it is difficult to crack the used ceramics small enough to mix with the pot clay. Also, not just it is recycled, they are practically designed. Each plates and bowls are stackable and the “Lid” can be used as a plate or a lid for bowls. Tableware set with story would be a great gift idea for people have interests on environment.  Mix and match the items and create your own set for the gift!


Please have a great time with your loved ones! Happy Holidays!