World first recycled ceramicware.


Practically designed to reduce the plastic use.


Earthen ware which once left the potter will eventually come back after fulfilling their role as tableware. The name TRIPWARE expresses such journeys tableware might make.


TRIPWARE Recyled Ceramics

Choosing TRIPWARE means...

Saving natural resources

"Pot clay" the main material of ceramicware is a limted natural resources. By recycling used ceramicware, we can utilze the use of the resource created by mother nature.

Saving energy and reducing waste

Use "lid" in stead of plastic wrap to reduce the waste when saving food in the fridge. You can easily microwave it after. Eat, save, microwave in one container and you can save water too.

Saving industry

The region TRIPWARE is produced is famous for ceramic manufacturing. It has long history but it is not a growing industry. Save culture and traditional craftwork by supporting small businesses.

Live Sustainably

Eat, store, microwave in one container. Less waste, save energy.


Practically designed

Lid is desined to fit to same size bowl and straight bowl. All items are stackabke for storage. Bowls are stackable with lid on too.

World first recycled ceramics

TRIPWARE is developed to utilize the use of "pot clay" which is a limited natural resources created by earth over eternity of time.

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