ORIGAMI Flavor Cups

ORIGAMI Flavor Cups

We are loving the new flavor cups from ORIGAMI and are happy to bring them to the US. Some of you may have seen them in real but we assume most of you have not. So today we are focusing on the flavor cup series.  The shapes, the color and how to enjoy them...!


Flavor Cup series have four different shapes. Aroma, Barrel, Pinot and Sensory from the left. Aroma, Barrel and Pinot have almost same capacity 6.7-7.1oz/200-210ml, and Sensory has 12.1oz/360ml capacity. Aroma, Barrel and Pinot comes in white and matt black whilst Sensory comes in white and pink.

Now you know the basics so let’s start looking at them one by one. But first let me talk about why they started to make those different types of cups. As you know ORIGAMI is creating beautiful tools to pour the best cup of coffee. All the brewer cares about how to brew and which tools to use for the best pour but how about mugs and cups to drink? When you drink wine or craft beer, you use different shapes of glasses to enjoy the flavor right? So why not doing the same for coffee? That was the start of making different shapes of mugs and cups.


The reason why same coffee tastes different with each cup is because, angle of your jaw differs. (I will talk about it more later.) And it makes change to where the coffee hits when coming in to your mouth. Depends on the spot of your tongue, feeling of the taste and flavor changes. Let me start with three smaller cups.


Aroma Flavor Cup 

Aroma Flavor Cup has the widest bottom among the series. It spreads the flavor on the bottom and retains aroma in middle part. Your jaw angle becomes the steepest among three. With a steep angle, the coffee comes in fast and it hits the back of your tongue. On the back of your tongue you can sense acidity the most. So if you want to enhance the acidity in Kilimanjaro coffee this cup would be your choice. But you can also use this for Mandheling coffee which normally does not have much acidity. Aroma Flavor cup will help you sense the acidity stronger than to drink with your daily cups.


Barrel Flavor Cup

Barrel Flavor Cup has the cute and roundy shape. With this cup, you do not need to lift your jaw much when drinking. So, the coffee comes in slowly and hits the front part of your tongue. Front part of the tongue is likely to sense sweetness in the taste. This cup would match with Columbian coffee, which has sweetness and heaviness.


Pinot Flavor Cup

This is a rare shape for a coffee cup. As you can guess from the name, it is inspired by pinot wine glass. This cup is in the middle of Aroma and Barrel cup. The coffee spreads evenly into your mouth. By using all of your tongue, you can sense flavors in the coffee.


We showed some bean recommendation to try with but we want you to try with your favorites. You can also drink same drip coffee in three different cups to experience how different it would be!


Lastly, let’s talk about Sensory Flavor Cup

If you are following barista championships you would know it already. This cup is developed with a 2019 World Brewers Cup Champion, Du Jia Ning and this is the winning cup of the championship. Sensory Flavor Cup is designed to keep the aroma well so you can sense the rich coffee aroma. This also pours well so you can use it as a server.

Colors and Finishing

White and Pink have smooth finish. All the ORIGAMI dripper colors match well with both of the color. Of course, white goes well with anything. Pink has cute pastel tones so even you match it with opposite color tone, it looks very pretty. I personally like to match pink with turquoise or green. Only the black has matt finish. The finish adds heaviness to the ceramic and I just love it!


One last thing I want to tell is this is a cup. It does not have handle. Yes, ORIGAMI also creates AROMA, BARREL and PINOT in mugs. But without handle, you can feel the warmth of the coffee directly through your hands. That will make you fully experience a cup of coffee. From your nose, eyes, hands...

It is nice to select one shape for your favorite brewed coffee. But it is also very interesting to try the same brew with different shapes of cups. This can also be a fun gift idea for coffee lovers!

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