LOCA Paper-Filterless Ceramic Coffee Dripper

The LOCA Ceramic Coffee Dripper is an innovative, sustainable coffee dripper that eliminates the need for disposable paper filters. Impurities are removed through the micropores, leading to a clear, better-tasting cup of coffee. If you were to use this, even just three times a week, you would save 150 paper filters annually. It is the sustainable and economical choice to make.

This does not just filter coffee! It can be used to purify most liquids, including water and even wine! It's definitely worth a try!

Some may still be skeptical on the effectiveness of LOCA’s function, so we urge you to try one and share your experience with family and friends!

LOCA is sustainable and easy to use at home :)
For everyday cleaning and special care, please see the LOCA MAINTENANCE page.
For most frequently asked questions, please see the LOCA FAQ page.


V-shape: Diameter 4.92in x H 3.93in (For 2-3 cups)

Round shape: Diameter 5.43in x H 3.07in (For 2-3 cups)

Material: Porous Ceramics


Developed with an advanced porcelain making method

The LOCA Ceramic Filter is a new type of coffee filter that makes use of the porous properties of ceramic to filter coffee naturally through minuscule holes. This means you do not need to use a paper filterto make drip coffee.

This filter is washable and reusable. In addition, it also helps to change the taste of coffee by removing any harsh or odd flavors, allowing you to enjoy your coffee to the fullest.

LOCA Taste Analysis

The diagram on the right shows the results of a taste test comparing drip coffee using paper filters and the LOCA Ceramic Dripper. Although the umami of the coffee is roughly the same, the saltiness and bitterness are greatly reduced, and the sweetness has also improved.


Not shown in the graph, the transparency of the coffee
also becomes clearer.
The micropores in LOCA Ceramic Drippers are responsible for this amazing effect.

1. Warm up the filter

Pour enough hot water to completely fill the filter to the top.

Do not use cold water.

2. Grind coffee

To prevent clogging, we recommend you use very coarse granules. Refer to the picture for an idea of how coarse the granules should be.

(A coarse grind about the size of a pen nib is recommended.)

3. Pour hot water and steam

For 18g of granules, you need about 300ml of hot water. Place the granules into the filter, then starting from the middle, pour a small amount of water over the granules, allowing it to foam.

4. Continue pouring after the granules have settled

After the initial saturation, pour water 2-3 more times in small amounts, letting the coffee foam. From the center, pour in a circular motion outward. We recommend fresh coffee, as it allows the coffee to foam beautifully.


LOCA does not need a paper filter but needs a bit more care.

With the correct maintenance, the LOCA dripper can be used for an exceptionally long time.

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