Here are some questions we for LOCA. If you cannot find what you are looking for please email us to info@loisthestore.com.

Q: The filtering speed has decreased rapidly, what do I do?

A: When using the filter either dry or when cold, the filtering speed will decrease. We advise that you pour hot water over the filter before using. If you worry about clogging the pores of the ceramic you can double filter by putting a paper filter into the ceramic filter. If the speed of the filtering doesn't improve this can be a sign that the filter is clogged and needs to be unclogged using one of the methods mentioned further above in the section How to Maintain the LOCA Filter

Q: How do I unclog the ceramic pores?

A: You should boil the filter once for every ten times you use the filter. If the filter is particularly clogged, we recommend putting the filter on a grilled tray and heating over a stove for about 10 minutes.

Q: What’s the best way to use the filter to make drip coffee?

A: You can use the filter like any other hand drip coffee filter after you have prepared it. Then pour hot water over the coffee granules until it has covered it, then after it has foamed slightly, let it subside and then pour hot water over the coffee again slowly, letting it foam. If you put too much water in at once, then the coffee won’t filter properly making it weaker.

Q: What size of bean is best to use?

A: Coarse granules are best for this filter. If you are grinding your own beans, then please set the grinder to its coarsest setting.

Q: What type of bean is best to use?

A: We recommend you to use dark roasts, but you can use any type of coffee you prefer!

Q: Can I use the filter to filter anything else?

A: You can! Please feel free to use it for water or tea, or even shochu and wines! By filtering you can change the taste of these liquids! We do ask that if using the filter for different liquids you use a stove to heat the filter so that it can burn any residue out.