About Us

LOIS brings high quality sustainable design into your home.

At LOIS, we aim to bring beautifully designed Japanese brands into your life. We believe in supporting both dedication to craft and innovative ideas.

We will share stories about how each item is designed and made. From starting your day making a pour over coffee to preparing bento meals that can be enjoyed anywhere, we carefully select products based on our mission to offer quality, sustainability, and beauty.


At LOIS we want you to be part of a community, where you can connect with like-minded people to find, exchange and share ideas that will be inspirational for your own sustainable lifestyle goals.


With LOIS, you can experience the ritual of hand brewing a pour over coffee with the Origami Dripper and drink from our Sensory Flavor Cup. You can prepare meals in our Gel-Cool Bento boxes to bring healthy food wherever you go. Our products help you slow down and savor the moment.



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