Recycled ceramic ware developed in Tajimi, Japan

Pot clay is an essential raw material used in the production of pottery. It is a limited natural resource formed by the earth over time. In some areas, this pot clay is beginning to diminish.

Did you know that pottery, once fired, does not biodegrade even after thousands of years? Ceramic ware that has been used or damaged is disposed of in landfills. To reduce waste and make better use of limited resources, companies in Tajimi, Japan, a region famous for ceramic production, have voluntarily collaborated to build a porcelain recycling system.

Manufacturers in Tajimi set up locations where consumers can bring any used or damaged tableware. They also collect them from restaurants and other businesses. After the collection, everything is ground with a special machine, only two in existence in Japan, to 1 mm or less. The ground recycled materials are then combined with clay at a 20% ratio. This will be reused in the production of ceramic ware.

After serving its purpose, earthenware will eventually be recycled into tableware to be used again. The name TRIPWARE describes the journeys that tableware can take.

TRIPWARE has a simple and functional design that complements every dish. Another advantage is that they can be used for both serving and storing food. Take one step closer to a sustainable lifestyle with TRIPWARE today!



This is a TRIPWARE concept movie.
She talks about the features of TRIPWARE and the features of products in an easy-to-understand manner.
Please feel the splendor of TRIPWARE.