Your coffee could taste better.


This is the concept ot LOCA.

LOCA means filtering in Japanese, and as the name implies, this dripper filters liquid WITHOUT the need for filter paper. It is magical to watch the water flow from this dripper!

They created a new method of porcelain manufacturing with numerous micropores for LOCA by utilizing the skills developed over 400 years of Aritayaki porcelain and ceramic manufacturing. Each artisan crafts the LOCA filters one at a time, employing classic processes in new ways to create this magnificent product. Please check the production story for more details.

If you drink coffee three times a week, you are using around 150 paper filters annually. You can decrease the quantity by utilizing LOCA, leading to a more sustainable lifestyle. With the proper care and maintenance, LOCA can be used for a very long time.

Upgrade your coffee experience with a stylish, unique, and sustainable newly invented coffee dripper. You can also use LOCA to filter any liquid, such as water, sake, or even wine! Enjoy!