ORIGAMI Pinot Flavor Cup

Matte Black

Pinot Flavor Cup is shaped like a pinot noir wine glass to enjoy a subtle flavor. Flavor cup series has 4 different shapes and they are developed to enjoy the aroma of coffee to the full extent. These are created without a handle to feel the warmth of the drink by your hand.

・Dishwasher, microwave, oven safe

・Made in Japan



Capacity: 6.7oz/200ml Size: Diameter 2.95 × H2.87in

Material: Porcelain

Origami Flavor Cups

The Origami Flavor series now comes in 4 different shapes, Aroma, Barrel, Pinot, and Sensory. Sensory is slightly larger than the others and can act as a cup or a server. Pinot is available in both a cup and a bowl. The bowl is ideal for serving tea.

To fully appreciate the aroma of the coffee, use different shaped cups for different regions' beans, just as you would with wine or craft beer. At-home tasting sessions with Origami Flavor Cups would make for a fun activity.


Aroma Flavor Cup

The Aroma Flavor Cup distributes the aroma over the entire bottom surface. It also aids in sensing the acidity of the coffee.

Barrel Flavor Cup

With the Barrel Flavor Cup, coffee comes out slowly allowing the sweetness of the coffee to shine through.

Comes in Matte Black & White.

Pinot Flavor Cup

The Pinot Flavor Cup’s shape is inspired by pinot wine glasses. Coffee spreads evenly in your mouth, allowing you to taste every flavor possible.

Comes in Matte Black & White.

Pinot Flavor Bowl

The Pinot Flavor Bowl is a shorter version of the Pinot Cup. Its wider mouth allows you to appreciate the color of coffee but is also suited for tea. The bottom is unglazed, giving it a more handcrafted feel.

Comes in four colors.

Sensory Flavor Cup

The wide body and narrow mouth of the Sensory Flavor Cup accentuates the coffee aroma and helps it pour easier. This cup was designed in collaboration with Jia Ning Du, the 2019 World Brewers Cup Champion, and was used as the championship's winning cup.

Comes in pink and white.

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Cass Martin

A lovely & aesthetic cup

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