Barrel Flavor Cup

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Matte Black


Barrel Flavor Cup has mouth bowed slightly inwards and Capture the flavor like a wine barrel.  Flavor cup series has 4 difference shapes and they are developed to enjoy the aroma of coffee to the full extent. These are created without handle to feel the warmth of the drink by your hand.


・Dishwasher, microwave, oven safe

・Made in Japan



Capacity: 7.1oz/210ml Size: Diameter 2,99 × H3.07n

Material: Porcelain

Origami Flavor Cups

Uniquely shaped Origami flavor cup seriese has 4 different shapes, Aroma, Pinot, Barrel and Sensory. Sensory is a little bigger than other three and can be used as either cup or a server. Those are shaped to enjoy coffee aroma at the fullest. Use different shape cup for different region beans as you do with wine or craft beer. Tasting session with Origami flavor cups would be a fun ting to do at home.

All made in ceramic. Smaller three shapes comes in black and white. White is smooth finish and black is matt finish. 


Sensory Flavor Cup

Wide body and narrow mouth captures coffee aroma well. This was developed with 2019 World Brewers Cup Champion, Du Jia Ning and this is the winning cup of the championship.  

You can also use as a server like the picture. It pours well. Sensory flavor cup comes in pink and white.

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