ORIGAMI Aroma Mug Matte

Matte Grey
Matte Blue
Matte Beige
Matte Pink
Matte Green

Like a wine glass with a mouth bowed inside draws taste and rich aroma. When you put the cup to your mouth, you can enjoy the rich aroma that goes through your nose. This is also good to use with teas to enjoy the flavor.


・Dishwasher, microwave, oven safe

・Made in Japan



Capacity: 10.8oz/320ml Size: Diameter 3.54 × 4.53 × H3.23in

Material: Porcelain

Origami Aroma Mugs

Mugs to help you experience your favorite coffee better than before. Origami Aroma Mugs are designed and finely calculated to provide an unprecedented coffee aroma experience. Same shapes as flavor cups, but bigger capacity and more color variations.

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