Which color goes with the food?

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What kind of tableware do you have in your cupboard? If you know how to use tableware that goes well with a variety of dishes, is easy to combine, and makes dishes look delicious, your daily meals will be richer and more enjoyable. I'll tell you what colors go with the food.

WHITE -Suit Any Type of Food

If the food itself is very colorful, plain white tableware is the best choice. I served the fish carpaccio salad as if it were a painting on a plate. The fresh and lively colors of the vegetables, herbs, smoked salmon, and other ingredients are enhanced by the simple, plain white color of the porcelain. White is a color that accepts both bright, strong-colored foods and dull, light-colored dishes in a generous, straightforward manner.


BLUE -brings a sense of freshness to the dining table

Blue is easy on the eyes and makes fresh raw ingredients look even fresher. Take advantage of the cool look and use it to serve salads, cold soups, and desserts. Serving them in a blue bowl enhances the cool impression! You can create a cool and fresh feeling and freshness of ingredients on the table. If you use blue dishes all over the table, it will give a cold impression, so we recommend using blue dishes in combination with other materials such as glass or wood. Transparent glasses and silver cutlery and coasters give a cool and sophisticated impression.


GREEN -Tightens up the table

Green tableware is useful when vegetables lack color or when the colors of dishes are monotonous. Just one piece of green-colored tableware can brighten up the table and change the atmosphere dramatically. It can create a sense of luxury and is highly recommended for those who want to enjoy stylish taste.


CARAMEL -Gentle and natural colors

Gentle natural colors look better than bright colors, especially on brownware. Leaf salad, green olives, and rustic pastries go well with it. It also goes well with white and yellow, so it is recommended for dishes with dairy products and eggs. Placing foods of similar colors on top creates an elegant dish. Meat and fish look less fresh when served directly on tea utensils, so when serving meat or sashimi, white or green items should be added to make the dish look tasty. The glossy glaze is useful and goes well with a variety of dishes.


IVORY -Appetizing warm colors

In general, warm colors such as yellow, orange, and red are expected to stimulate the appetite. Use brightly colored tableware with rich images of light and sun to liven up your dining table. Ivory gives a light impression and makes the dining table feel warm and inviting. The colors of fruit, for example, stand out beautifully, making this tableware a good match for any genre of cuisine.

We hope you enjoy the dishes you make. We also encourage you to look at different dishes and coordinate your food and lifestyle with the dishes.

Which color goes with the food?