What is a paper-less dripper?

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As the name suggests, a paper-less dripper is a tool for brewing coffee without using a paper filter. In addition, the oil content of the coffee beans is kept intact, so the original flavor of the coffee can be tasted more directly. Ceramic drippers retain heat and stabilize the extraction temperature. The conical shape of the LOCA allows for a wide contact area between the water and the coffee grounds, resulting in a slower extraction. This allows for slow extraction of the most flavorful parts and flavors of the coffee.

Why choose a paperless dripper?
1. Maximize the flavor of coffee
The best feature of a paperless dripper is that it allows you to fully enjoy the flavor of the coffee. When using a paper filter, part of the flavor (the oil content of the coffee beans) is absorbed by the paper. However, a paperless dripper brings out all of the original flavor of the coffee.

2. Environmentally Friendly
Paperless drippers do not use paper filters, so there is no waste. Therefore, it is an earth-friendly method.

3. Easy on the wallet
Since paper filters are not used, you save money buying them. There is a small expense at first, but the more you use it, the greater the benefit.

4. Less hassle
Paper filters are disposable, so you have to replace them with new ones each time and properly dispose of them after use. In contrast, paperless drippers are hassle-free because they can be used repeatedly simply by rinsing them with water.


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What is a paper-less dripper?