The Secret of ORIGAMI Dripper Air's Popularity



The ORIGAMI Dripper Air has been very popular since its launch as an easy way for beginners to brew real coffee.

The structure is the same as the ceramic ORIGAMI Dripper. As many of you may know, Origami Dripper is popular and famous in coffee industries all over the world, and many professional baristas think highly of it. The unique shape and 20 ribs secure the airway, allowing the dripping speed to be controlled. Thus, the taste of brewed coffee is clear and mellow.

1. Lightness
Dripper Air is made of AS regin, which is chip-proof and light! It is 50% lighter than ceramic ORIGAMI Dripper. You will be surprised at the lightness and ease of holding.

ORIGAMI Dripper Air
2. Durability
Durability and impact resistance are great. It won't get scratched even if you're rough with it, so you can use it for any occasion, even camping.

The trademark "20 ribs" are retained in Dripper Air. Moreover, AS regin are more difficult to lose temperature than ceramic dripper, so it can keep warmth of extraction and stabilize drip at a high level.

Can be used even outside


 It comes in 2 sizes and 6 beautiful color options.
*Dripper Air S- Dimensions: 4.52in x H2.75in, Hole diameter: 0.98in (For 1-2 cups)
*Dripper Air M- Dimensions: 5.59inxH3.42in, Hole diameter: 0.98in(For 3-4cups)

ORIGAMI Dripper Air S/M

Matte Pink, Matte Beige, Matte Green, Matte Gray, Black, Clear

【Professional barista's voice】
Agnieszka Rojewska
World Barista Champion 2018
Polish Brewers Cup Champion 2022
World Coffee in Good Spirits Champion2022
"ORIGAMI Air M brings out stability and consistency during extraction. That was the deciding reason for me to use it at WBrC2022. Also, the combination of filters, liquid flow rates, and techniques used at the competition all worked perfectly with the Air M. I like the ORIGAMI because it gives me several options for my recipes."

Elysia Tan
Singapore Brewers Cup Champion 2019
Singapore Brewers Cup Champion 2022
"The ORIGAMI Air M is a vibrant coffee brewer. During extraction, stable temperatures can be maintained and the conical filter allows for full control of the flow ring, resulting in a dynamic profile."




The Secret of ORIGAMI Dripper Air's Popularity