Stay Healthy and Stay Safe


Stay Healthy and Stay Safe  -5 tips for safe bento cooking-

Bringing lunch to your office, school help you stay healthy because you can have a track on what you eat. Also going on a picnic and have a lunch outside would help you feel a little better at this moment. But, summer is the season of higher risk of food poisoning and we know you don’t want to get food poisoned from your lunch. So, today we are going to share 5 tips to keep your lunch safe.



Wash your hands! Wash your hands! Wash your hands! With this COVID-19 situation we may not need to say it so many times. However, it is very simple but important step to be safe. Also please remember that your smartphone is not as clean as you think! Many of you check recipes on smartphone, but do you wash your hands after touching it??


  1. Cool down food before packing them

Any excess water can be one of the reasons of food to go bad. If you pack when the food is still hot, inside the lunch box becomes steamy and generate excess water. Please make sure to cool down the food before packing.


  1. Try not to put uncooked food.

It is better to avoid putting uncooked food such as tomato, cucumber, lettuce…etc.

Bento looks prettier with those veggies, but it is not recommended in summer time as they can go bad easily. If you want to put them, cook it or pickle them to lower the risk.


  1. Use vinegar, curry powder, ginger, wasabi… for seasoning

These ingredients have the effect of suppressing the growth of bacteria and making food less likely to be damaged. Pour a little bit of vinegar when cooking rice (you would not taste it!) or season veggies with curry powder. Ex. ginger chicken stir fry, okra stir fry with mustard seed, pickled veggies... Please share your favorite recipe with us. Sour and spicy taste stimulate your appetite too!

Please stay Healthy and Safe.

Stay Healthy and Stay Safe