Secrets of ORIGAMI Dripper



As the rise of third wave coffee, there are so many different coffee gears developed and sold at the market. ORIGAMI dripper was born in 2017, yes, only 3 years ago. But it is getting popular rapidly and used in so many different countries. One of the reasons is because a champion of World Brewers Cup 2019, Jia Ning Du, used ORIGAMI dripper. But of course that is not the only reason! We will look into what’s unique about ORIGAMI dripper, why is it loved by many coffee lovers all over the world and more! If you are wondering whether you should get one, read this to find out :)



Every drippers has ribs but have you seen a dripper with this many and deep ribs? This is definitely one of the unique points of the ORIGAMI dripper. Ribs not only makes the dripper look beautiful but this is one of the keys to realize the perfect cup of coffee. ORIGAMI's products are made with baristas. They do not make compromise, they aim to make the tools for the best cup of coffee. The dripper did not planned to look like this at first. They tried many different prototypes and dripped coffee again and again. After almost 1 year of development, they have finally came in to the design with these ribs that secure the air flow when dripping.



ORIGAMI is a conical shape dripper (like V60), and the shape also calculated well. With this shape, coffee powder will take longer to soak in hot water and absorb water firmly. The powder swells with a rich scent, and you can fully bring out the original appeal of the beans. Also, unlike other drippers ORIGAMI fits both cone shaped and wave paper filters. So trying both paper filters to find which one you like better is one interesting thing to do :)



You may wander with this large hole, coffee drips too fast. But again, it is well calculated. Yes, it does drip faster compared to Mellita or Kalita drippers which has very small hole(s). However, not much faster compared to Hario V60. The ribs and conical shape explained above optimize the perfect dripping speed. Large hole enables you to achieve clear and mild taste, and gives you more flexibility for your drip. One tip here is to use medium fine to fine ground coffee so that the taste won't be too light!



Plastic drippers are affordable and easy to take care -you don’t need to worry about breaking them. However, as you know ceramic has good heat retention and it improves the extraction consistency.



ORIGAMI might be the thinnest ceramic dripper in the world. It is so thin and light, weight is less than half of ceramic Hario V60. Because of this, it takes short to warm the dripper before dripping, and heat doesn’t go away. As you can imagine, the production is super difficult. The manufacture of ORIGAMI is in Gifu, Japan which produces 80% of ceramic ware used in Japan. They have been manufacturing ceramic ware for more than 400 years. Through the experience, they have gained skills to manufacture deep ribs and perfect conical shape with this thin ceramic. They believe this work cannot be done anywhere else.



Finally, wide color selection is one of its uniqueness. You can definitely find the color that matches your style 😊


In conclusion, ORIGAMI dripper is pretty new product in the coffee dripper market. But the dripper is very unique, and meets the needs of coffee lovers, who seek to pour the best cup of coffee, it is getting popular fast.


What do you think about ORIGAMI dripper now? Some customers say they cannot go back to the other drippers anymore! Drip with ORIGAMI, find your favorite recipe and enjoy coffee time at home😊


Secrets of ORIGAMI Dripper