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Origami Wood Dripper Holder Dark Brown

Warm texture wood dripper holder to supports ORIGAMI dripper securely.


・Do NOT use in dishwasher, microwave, oven



Diameter 4.72 × H0.79in

Material: Acacia wood

Origami Dripper

Origami's dripper was made with Minoyaki boasting 400 years of history. Porcelain has high thermal conductivity, it is the most suitable material for steaming. Also, the beautiful "conical structure", allows coffee powder to be soaked into hot water longer and absorbs moisture firmly. You can withdraw the essential charm of beans thoroughly. 20 ribs secure the air way between the dripper and the paper to stabilizes the flowing down speed and supports extracting with optimum steaming time.


Customer Reviews

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The wood holder is lovely to look at and stabilizes the brewer a bit within your carafe. I gave 4/5 because its not necessary to brew with the origami and I have to dry the wood rather quickly to prevent it from losing its finish. No complaints but its a vanity item rather than a function one imo,

works better upside down

It looks nice and works well when making coffee into a carafe. However for making a single cup of coffee it lets the dripper hang too low into the cup. If you flip it upside down then the dripper will sit higher, the downside being the dripper is now a bit unstable due to the angle of the bore.

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