TRIPWARE Lid/Plate 160

TRIPWARE is upcycled ceramicware developed in Japan. This fits to same size bowl and straight bowl. It also can be used as a flat plate.

・20% recycled ceramic

・Match with Bowl160 or Straight Bowl 160

・Microwave and Dishwasher safe


・Made in Japan

・Diameter 6.73x0.63in / 171x16mm  Size chart

Water Blue


Pot clay is limited natural resources created by the earth over an eternity of time. To utilize such limited resources, companies in Tajimi, Japan have voluntarily come together to build a recycling system for ceramics and pot cray. Once-fired ceramics are pulverized to fine powder and mixed with new clay, which is then used to create new ceramic-ware.

Earthen ware which once left the potter will eventually come back after fulfilling their role as tableware.

The name TRIPWARE expresses such journeys tableware might take.

Pottery once made do not return to the earth even after 1000 years

To reduce the amount of trash and save the limited natural resources,

Manufacturers in Tajimi, Japan who produce about 60% of Japanese pottery have sought the way to make tableware recycable.

Reduce waste & Save natural resources

Collection of used dishes, ground, clay production, firing and distributing cnnot be done by one company. Manufacturers in Tajimi, Japan have started a project to enable recycling of pottery in cooperation with a series of companies.

After grinding the used pottery with a special crusher, currently exist only two in Japan, to 1 mm or less, it is mixed to the clay at a rate of 20% and be fired again.


Lid are made to fit bowl and straight bowl. You can easily save your leftovers in your fridge without plastic wrap, then you can warm it up again. TRIPWARE is microwave safe.

Lid can also be used as a flat plate for desserts. 

Bowl is good size to use with any kinds of dishes.

Straight bowls are good to use for morning cereals, noodle or rice bowls.

Plate has higher rim so you can use for soup pasta or curry too.

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