TRIPWARE Lid/Plate 130

Simple, minimal designs and colors compliment all kinds of food and meals! Perfect for serving fruit or desserts!


TRIPWARE is upcycled ceramicware developed in Japan. Read more here  TRIPWARE | How it is made - LOIS the Store.

・At least 20% recycled ceramic

・Matches with Straight Bowl 130

・Microwave and Dishwasher safe


・Made in Japan

・Diameter 5.39x0.59in / 137x15mm  Size chart

Water Blue


The earth has produced a limited amount of pot clay over millions of years. To maximize its use, businesses in Tajimi, Japan, have come together to create a ceramics/pot clay recycling system. Once-fired ceramics are pulverized to a fine powder, blended with new clay, then transformed into new ceramic ware.

After serving its purpose, earthenware will eventually be recycled into tableware -TRIPWARE.

The name TRIPWARE describes the journeys that tableware can take.

Pottery, once-fired, normally does not biodegrade even after thousands of years

In Tajimi, Japan, where about 60% of Japan's ceramic goods are produced, manufacturers have researched and invented ways to make tableware recyclable, reducing waste and conserving natural resources.

Reduce waste & save natural resources

The used dish collecting, grinding, clay producing, firing, and distributing cannot be done by one company. Manufacturers in Tajimi, Japan have enabled the recycling of pottery with the cooperation of different companies.

Used pottery is ground with a special machine, only two in existence in Japan, to 1 mm or less. It is then mixed with clay at a ratio of 20% or more, shaped, and fired again.

Sizes & variations

Lids are made to fit the bowls. With TRIPWARE, you can easily save leftovers in your fridge without plastic wrap. You can even reheat it since everything is microwave-safe.

Lids double as a flat plate for desserts.

Bowls are a wonderful size for any dish.

Straight bowls are good for morning cereals, noodles, or rice bowls.

Plates have a higher rim, great for soupy pasta or curry.

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