What is sustainability?


You have probably hearing the word “sustainability” at least once everyday through the TV or magazines etc.

But maybe there are many people who can not explain what it means. I’d like to introduce about sustainability and sustainable life.


There are a lot of definitions of sustainability created by individuals and organizations. Depending on how you use “sustainability”, it can have a variety of contextual meanings.

To date, the sustainability industry itself has yet to settle on one definition. There are common themes expressed in the multiple definitions- about our resources and the environment, and maintaining their equity and balance for future generations.

The reason why the word “sustainability” began to be used in this sense is in a report published in 1987 by “World Commission on Environment and Development” established at the United Nations in 1984. In this report, the concept of “sustainable development” was introduced, which means “development meets the needs of modern generations without compromising the needs of future generations.”

Since then, “sustainability” has been discussed at the conferences such as the United Nations and among people who have big interests of environment. After the Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) were established in 2015, “sustainability” has been widely known to the world.


The “SDGs”, also known as the global goals, were adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015 as a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030. It shows 17 goals and now every country and company have initiatives for achieving these goals.

From what I explain so far, it sounds grand themes and there are not many things we can do by individuals for achieving. But to put it simply, this is an action to save the limited “life” for our future.


Here are some simple actions you can try from today.

1. Reduce paper and switch to online

Recently invoices and statements that come in postcards or envelopes can be switched to check on online. By utilizing online services, we can save the resources, eliminate waste of distribution and reduce the waste.

If these papers are not much important, why don’t you switch to online systems.

2. Turn off the light frequently

If the light in the room where no one is in turn on, please turn it off.

Important thing is that everyone in the family keep in mind to do so. There are some useful items such as power saving tap. How about use these items to save the electricity?

3. Hang the laundry out to dry

Recently the washing machine that can finish all thing from washing and drying at once has increased. But if it’s sunny outside, why don’t you dry it in the wind? You can save the electricity and at the same time, you can enjoy the fresh air and it cab be a relaxing time in your busy life.

4. Bring your eco-bag

and stop buying plastic bag every time you go shopping. You can save the money and also reduce CO2 which means you can contribute to curb global warming.

5. Ride a bicycle instead of a car

If the weather is nice, try to ride a bicycle instead of using a car. You don’t have to worry about traffic jams and parking fees, and above all, it will be good for your health.

6. Stop wasting food

It’s not good idea to buy lots of food even it’s cheap. Think the amount you can consume and be a smart consumer.

7. Bring your own tumbler and straw

When you go to the café, bring your own tumbler and straw and avoid using disposable cups.

you can decrease the waste. And also using your favorite tumbler will make you feel good.

Find your favorite one and get it.

8. Grow your own plants

Growing your own garden can be incredibly rewarding. Even if you don’t feel particularly green-fingered you can easily get started with a couple of planters or window boxes. They reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.

9. Choose eco-friendly toiletries

Sanitary items are mostly made from non-organic cotton, which is highly pesticide-intensive crop and causes soil degradation. Plus, all of those sanitary items finally end up somewhere in a landfill or in the ocean. It is time to make a change, let’s choose eco-friendly items such as “Naked” soaps and shower products, organic reef safe sunscreen.


Sustainable living doesn’t mean you have to live an uncomfortable life.

Let’s get start with small actions for yourself and the future generations.

What is sustainability?