Tableware Set

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A single piece of tableware can change the image of your daily meals as if you were in a restaurant or café. Top restaurants and stylish cafes are just as particular about their tableware as they are about the interior design. If you are particular about the tableware in your home, you will be able to enjoy your daily meals more. It will make your daily meals more exciting and enjoyable.

TRIPEARE Cup 90 Ivory x Green x Water Blue

Here are some combinations that you can create a stylish dining table just by matching them. Not only does it provide a complete set of easy-to-use tableware, but it also brushes up the atmosphere of your dining table. It is perfect for beginners, new lifestyles, replacing or buying new tableware, etc.


TRIPEARE Plate 210 x Bowl 90

The swimple colors and glossy finish create a luxurious atmosphere. A well-balanced lineup from large plates to small plates and bowls that look great for main dishes. With all this, you can start your new life right away with peace of mind.

TRIPEARE Plate 240

The platter has a raised rim, so it can handle soupy main dishes such as hamburgers, curry, and pasta!


TRIPEARE Bowl 160 

The bowls can be used for salads and simmered dishes, the medium-sized plates can be used as serving plates or desserts, and the small bowls can be used to serve soups, yogurt, and other Japanese and Western dishes.

Just as you change seasonal ingredients and menus when the seasons change, you will feel fresher if you change your tableware as well. If you have a set, you can create a unified presentation, so even when you are busy, you can naturally coordinate your dishes without worrying. Please give it a try!

Tableware Set