HOLIDAY SALE 2023!! All items 20% OFF!

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The biggest sale on LOIS the Store starts! All items 20% off from 11/24(Fri) to 12/23(Sat). We offer products from coffee cups in the morning to plates for weekend feasts. Our items are perfect for a personal treat or as a gift for loved ones.

The coffee tool brand born from a barista's wish that the best poured coffee can be available to everyone. Professional baristas recommend it and some champions at the World Brewer's Cup have used ORIGAMI. The most popular and famous is ORIGAMI Dripper because of its functionality and unique appearance: the shape and size are calculated precisely. Even coffee novices can make authentic coffee.

Dripper M(Ceramic): $40.00->$32.00

Dripper S(Ceramic): $38.00->$31.40


Dripper Air M(Plastic): $24.00-$19.20
Dripper Air S(Plastic): 21.50->$17.20

ORIGAMI Dripper Air

Not only drippers, but mugs and cups are also important for delicious coffee. The most unique feature of our Flavor Cup and Barrel Aroma Mug is the shape. The bottom is rounded and the mouth is slightly smaller. Thanks to this form, which helps aroma from escaping, you can enjoy  coffee while smelling its delicious scent. You will enjoy an aromatic experience like never before!

ORIGAMI Sensory Flavor Cup: $27.00->$21.60
ORIGAMI Barrel Aroma Mug Matte: $24.50-> $19.60
ORIGAMI Pinot Flavor Cup: $19.50-$15.6

It is tableware made of partly recycled ceramics. Used ceramics are very difficult to recycle or upcycle and usually just go to the landfill. However, by using innovative skills, these old cermaics are recycled and used to make TRIPWARE.
TRIPWARE comes in beautiful glossy colors and in a wide variety of products. You can choose the size and shape to suit your food.

TRIPWARE Lid/Plate 130: $13.00->$10.40

TRIPWARE Plate 240: $35.00 ->$28.00

240 plate
TRIPWARE Straight Bowl 160: $33.00-> $26.40

We wish you a wonderful holiday!

HOLIDAY SALE 2023!! All items 20% OFF!