Brew with ORIGAMI by Giorgos Kozaris (Greece)

Coffee ORIGAMI Recipe

The next barista we have here with the Origami experience is Giorgos Kozaris from Greece! If you are following us on Instagram, you may have seen his photos with unique Origami and coconut brew. He has a great passion for coffee and shares coffee content every day on his Instagram, @gio_koz. Go follow him for daily coffee inspo and tips!

In this blog, Giorgos shares his impression of Origami, his favorite recipe, and some tips for home brewers. 


My name is Giorgos, I am a 28years old barista serving quality cups of coffee and joy in Giannitsa, Greece. My coffee journey started as a simple job and grown into love and passion for coffee. I love making someone’s day better with my coffee and also like helping people to get informed about the World of Coffee.

How I met ORIGAMI and my impression of ORIGAMI

ORIGAMI is a delicate and very elegant coffee device that most baristas, including me, love using. I saw ORIGAMI on an Instagram post and I was curious about its use and impressed by its shape and form. So, I decide to get one. Since then I’m using ORIGAMI very often. Its shape helps the water flow with every simple inch of ground coffee in it. You can also control the water flow easily. Using an ORIGAMI dripper will result in a cup of coffee full of aromas and flavors.


My suggestion for a quality cup of coffee:
-15g grounf coffee, fine to coarse grinded
-270ml water
-92 Celsius (198 Fahrenheit) degrees temperature of water
The process is exactly the same with a V60 dripper. First, we extract our coffee with 40ml water and wait for 30 seconds. Then we continue extracting water in the middle of ORIGAMI and waiting till the last drops fall. It’s very important to start our extraction from the middle.


We should be experimenting with different coffee varieties, coffee devices, and recipes. Never stop trying for the best result. And most importantly, never lose your faith in yourselves.  Make dreams and try to make them happen. One last thing, remember that good coffee is the coffee you could drink anytime you want and like it each time the same.

Hope you liked today's blog with Giorgos. Stay tuned for the next Barista Talk :) Enjoy your coffee until the next time!

Brew with ORIGAMI by Giorgos Kozaris (Greece)