LOCA | Production

LOCA - A product 10 years in the making

Arita-yaki porcelain has a long history of over 400 years, but LOCA uses a porcelain producer that was founded quite recently in the 1970s. Therefore, they have a unique idea to create items with new functions that cannot be made using the traditional Arita-yaki process.

Normally porous ceramics and porcelain are not considered good porcelain, but artisans have incorporated this unique ceramic style into LOCA filters.

The hardest part of this was the development of raw materials. Even with many trial and error, mass production was a large hurdle, with ceramic being a rather difficult item to produce consistently, they thoroughly researched the effects of the materials, the ratio of mixing them, and the firing time. This whole process took about 10 years, but finally they were able to complete the perfect filtering dripper.

The filtration speed was a primary focus, as they wanted to make sure that you can use LOCA like any other ordinary drippers. As well as this, they also made it possible to place any mugs or pots underneath the dripper. At first glance, the filter looks simple, but there are secrets hidden that make it easy to use.

Finally when it comes to making the filter, the temperature and humidity are a factor, meaning that they can only make them when the season and weather are right. The LOCA filters are made one at a time by each craftsman, and use traditional techniques in new ways to make this amazing product. 

Thanks to the amazing delicate work of the craftsmen, the LOCA filter was truly brought to life.