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Wooden Lid Bento Box Square SG


A Bento Box with natural texture. The lid is made of "Kodai-sugi" (Japanese old cedar tree). Since it is made of natural wood, each lid has a unique grain. The bento box shuts firmly and is mainly leak proof thanks to the interior lid. A matching elastic band keeps the box closed securely.

Wooden Lid Bento Box

The lid of this natural texture bento box is made of real cedar trees. Every time you have lunch, it gives you a cozy sensation. It comes in three neutral colors with a matching elastic band to keep it sealed tightly.

Product Information

・Cedar tree lid
・Made in Japan
・BPA Free
・Only the main body and the dividers can be used in the dishwasher/microwave.
・This style DOES NOT have a ice pack built-in lid
・Not recommended to use for soup or other liquids.

Capacity: 500 ml                                                                          Dimensions: W7.01×D3.43×H2.36in / W178×D87×H60mm
Materials: Polypropylene, Cedar wood, SEBS resin, Rayon, Polyether, Rubber


Why use cedar trees for a bento box?

Cedar trees that have grown for 100 years are reported to survive for another 100 years after being cut down. As a result, many buildings made of old trees have lasted for many years.

These bento boxes are just as durable. Enjoy the unique grains that are distinctive to natural wood.

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