How GEL-COOL works





Amazing benefits of GEL-COOL bento box

Keep your bento lunch cool

  • ✓ Your meal keeps cool and fresh for a few hours
  • ✓ Cool all over your meal, not only some parts
  • ✓ You never forget separate ice packs to put on

Bring fruits

  • ✓ Perfect for fruits, muffins, or cupcakes
  • ✓ Enjoy cool refreshments!

Eat safe

  • ✓ Avoid warm temperature in lunch box
  • ✓ Especially good and safe for kid’s meal at school

Use Bento Box to save


When you pack and bring a bento lunch, your meal will be healthy with less calories as your choice. Keep fit and healthy!


Simply, when you bring a bento lunch, you could save money rather than buying or eating out. Packing leftover of last dinner sounds perfect?! We like it!


It takes only 5 minutes when you pack leftover or make PBJ sandwiches for you lunch. Buying lunch actually takes longer time. Manage your time wisely!


Using reusable bento box will help reduce plastic waste. In addition, when you bring proper portion of meal to eat, you can reduce food loss. Save our beautiful earth!

Bento Box variation for people like Natural texture...

The lid is made of “Kodai-sugi” (Japanese old cedar tree)

As it is all natural, each lid has a different grain.

Feel the beautiful texture through your eyes, hands and noses.

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