How GEL-COOL works





Amazing benefits of GEL-COOL bento box

Keep your bento lunch cool

  • ✓ Keeps your meal cool and fresh for hours
  • ✓ Keeps the entire meal cool, not just a portion of it
  • ✓ You'll never forget to pack separate ice packs again

Bring fruits

  • ✓ Perfect for fruits, muffins, or cupcakes
  • ✓ Enjoy cool refreshments!

Eat safe

  • ✓ Avoids foodborne illness harboring high temperatures in your lunch box
  • ✓ Especially useful for kids' school bentos/lunches.

Use Bento Box to save


Bento lunches are healthier and lower in calories than takeout. Helping you maintain a healthy lifestyle!


Simply said, bringing a bento lunch instead of buying or eating out can help you save money. Packing leftovers from the previous night's dinner is ideal!


Lunch is ready in 5 minutes if you bring leftovers or prepare simple sandwiches, like PB&J’s. Buying lunch actually takes longer. Manage your time wisely!


Using reusable bento boxes will help reduce the amount of plastic waste produced. Additionally, bringing a properly portioned meal to enjoy reduces food waste as well. Save our beautiful planet!


Bento Box options for those who enjoy natural textures…

The lid is made of “Kodai-sugi” (Japanese old cedar tree)

Each lid has a unique grain due to the fact that it is 100% natural.

Sense the beautiful textures with your eyes, hands, and nose.

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