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GEL-COOL is produced in Hokkaido, the northernmost island of Japan.

Japan has four beautiful seasons, but summer in Japan is extremely harsh with high temperature and humidity. While experiencing such hot and humid weather, GEL-COOL was born from the mother’s thought, "I want children to eat bento without worrying about food poisoning even in the summer."

The idea came into shape with "GEL-COOL," which is a combination of a cooling gel pad and a lid.

You will just need to put the lid a night before and that’s it. You will pack your bento as usual but keep it safe from food poisoning. Cooling function will normally last for 4 hours.

Due to the recent climate changes, we are facing longer and hotter summer year by year. These functional bento boxes will not only eliminate the use of one time use plastic box but keep your food safe and fresh from the hot weather.

GEL-COOL square series is their best seller and has been sold for more than 10 years. Simple design and various color selection are the reasons the bento box is loved by lots of people. It won a good design award in 2006. They keep innovating and developing their products with new designs, materials and collaborations.

Bring bento boxes to your school, work or even for weekend picnic!

Their bento boxes are BPA free.



As the rise of the third wave coffee, not just coffee beans but many different types of coffee tools are developed but ORIGAMI is one of a kind. A Japanese ceramic manufacture with more than 400 years of ceramic making experience collaborate with Baristas to create the best coffee tools for coffee lovers who pursuit to make a perfect cup of coffee.

The shape of the ORIGAMI dripper is so unique and as you can guess this dripper is the reason why the brand is named ORIGAMI. However, the shape of the dripper was not planned to be like this at first. They were just trying to make a perfect dripper and it ended up becoming this beautiful shape after one year of development. You can imagine manufactures had hard time realizing the shape since the product is so thin and uniquely shaped. They believe ORIGAMI dripper can only be produced with the skills they achieved thorough long history.

As it was developed with Barista, it first became popular among professionals and being used at many brewer’s cups. Last year, ORIGAMI dripper and cup were used by the World Barista Champion, Jia Ning Du, at World Brewer’s Cup 2019. Beautiful shape and pretty colors caught people’s eye and lots of posts are made on Instagram, now it is being loved by coffee lovers all of the world.

We are very happy to bring ORIGAMI to the USA! Pick your favorite color, brew a perfect cup of coffee and share it with us!

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