Stainless Drip Kettle with Thermometer

Water temperture is really important when dripping coffee. This gooseneck kettle has thermometer that you can see the temperture at a grance. 

・Thermometer indicates good temperture range for dripping coffee

・Goosneck helps you pour water to the desired spot

・Curved handle fits to your hand

・Stylish matte finish

 ※Thermometer is shown in celsius


Size: W12xD5.3xH6.3in / W305xD135xH160mm

Capacity: approx. 23.6oz / 700ml (Full capacity 37.2oz / 1100ml)

Material: Body, lid: Stainless steel, Handle: Phenol resin, Thermometer cover: Silicone rubber

Drip at the best temperture

You can see the temperture of the water when dripping on the termometer. It also has red frame to indicates the best temperture range for the drip.

Control your drip

With gooseneck you control the dripping speed and amount of water easily. Also it helps you to hit the desired spot.

Fits your hand

Curved handle nicely fits your hand to easily grip and pour.

Use with Origami Dripper

Dripper loved by all the coffee lovers.

ORIGAMI Dripper is developed by Barista to achieve the perfect cup of coffee. Looks is not the only thing catches the attention of coffee lovers all of the world. The dripper helps you to atchieve clear taste in coffee. The dripper is nice to use at home daily. This is also perfect for as a gift for coffee person.

Features of ORIGAMI

Thermal Conductivity

Ceramic has great thermal conductivity, so it is a suitable material for the dripper. Also, since Origami is very thin so the dripper does not drop the water tempureture while dripping.

20 ribs

Secure the air flow when dripping to optimize the dripping speed.


Origami dripper can be used with both cone shape and wave paper filter. It gives you more flexibility for your brewing.

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