GEL-COOL Built-in Ice Pack Bento Box Square S

Freesia Yellow
Verdant Green
Ocean Blue

The GEL-COOL Bento Box keeps your food cool, fresh, and safe. Place the ice-pack built-in lid in the freezer the night before you plan to use it, and then pack your lunch the next morning. Your meal will remain fresh for a few hours. 

Another sustainable point is that powdered scallop shells are mixed into a material to reduce the amount of regular plastic used. This might be a small improvement but is a nice step toward more an environmentally friendly product.

Approx. 220ml

✓Size, weight
W90×D110×H55mm, 133g

Body and clasp: Polypropylene (heat resistant 140°C, cold resistant -20°C)
Cooling lid: ABS resin (heat resistant 60°C, cold resistant -20°C)
Packing: silicon rubber

✓Microwave and dishwasher safe.


GEL-COOL keeps your lunch fresh!

GEL-COOL includes a built-in gel pad lid that keeps food fresh and safe for around 4 hours. It's the perfect bento box to take to work, school, or a picnic!

*The graph depicts the temperature of the gel packed in the main body after 4 hours in a 25° C room.

How to use GEL-COOL?

Bento's appear to be gaining popularity these days.

You can have a nutrient-rich and delicious meal.

Going to work or school with a Bento for lunch is a wonderful idea.


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