GEL-COOL Built-in Ice Pack Bento Box Square L

GEL-COOL Bento Box keeps your food cool, fresh, and safe. Place the ice-pack built-in lid in the freezer the night before you plan to use it, and then pack your lunch the next morning. Your meal will remain fresh for around 4 hours. The Square Bento Box is well-sealed, with side locks. Cute and vibrant colors make your meal look delicious!

Excellent for salads, fruits, desserts, snacks, and any other light meals!

You can pack any foods you and your family want to eat!


Milk White
Mango Yellow
Macaron Pink
Olive Green
Berry Blue


Product Information

・BPA Free
・Made in Japan

・Easy flip buckle to open/close
・Only the main body and the dividers can be used in the dishwasher/microwave.
・The ice pack built-in lid is NOT dishwasher/microwave safe
・Not recommended to use for soup or other liquids.

Capacity: 400 ml                                                                            Dimensions: W3.54×D5.82×H2.36in / W90×D148×H60mm
Materials: Polypropylene, ABS resin, Silicon rubber

GEL-COOL keeps your lunch fresh

GEL-COOL Bento Box keeps your food cool, fresh and safe. Keep the lid in your freezer a night before using and pack your lunch next day. The bento box will be kept cool for about 4 hours. 

*The graph shows the temperature of the GEL filled in the main body after 4 hours when left in a room with a room temperature of 25 ° C.

GEL-COOL Square L has flip buckles to seal it tightly. Well interdigitated buckle makes everyone easy to open and close. You can hear comfortable sound "click" when you close the lid. Children can use easily even they are less powerful.

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