Recycled ceramicware developed in Tajimi, Japan

When making ceramics we need "pot clay", which is limited natural resources created by the earth over an eternity of time. Used or broken ceramicwares are landfilled. However, did you know that the pottery once made do not return to the earth even after 1000 years? To reduce the waste and utilize such limited resources, companies in Tajimi Japan, the region famous for ceramic production, have voluntarily came together to build a recycling system for ceramics.

Manufacturers in Tajimi set some places that consumer can bring their used or broken tableware, and also collect them from restaurants and other businesses. After the collection,they grind them to 1mm or less with a special crusher, currently exist only two in Japan.Ground recycled materials are mixed into the soil at the rate of 20% and become clay for producing ceramicware again.

Earthen ware which once left the potter will eventually come back after fulfilling their role as tableware then re-produced and goes to next users' place. The name "TRIPWARE" expresses such journeys tableware might make.

Simply and practically designed TRIPWARE gores well with any kinds of dishes and they can be used for both serving and storing. Take one step closer to a sustainable lifestyle with TRIPWARE today!

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