For coffee lovers who want to make the perfect cup of coffee.

ORIGAMI is a company with more than 400 years of ceramic making experience. ORIGAMI drippers and cups are manufactured in Gifu, Japan - an area famous for ceramic production. They collaborate with professional baristas to create the best products for brewing and drinking coffee.

With the rise of the third wave coffee, many different types of coffee tools have been developed. The name ORIGAMI comes from the unique shape of the coffee dripper. Without a specific design in mind, they spent a year experimenting with white porcelain clay, until they had created this beautiful form with twenty evenly spaced ribs.

With design input from top baristas, the ORIGAMI dripper became popular among coffee professionals. It has made appearances in several Brewers Cup performances, where the top baristas compete to brew the best cup of coffee. Last year, the ORIGAMI dripper and cups were used by the World Barista Champion, Jia Ning Du, at World Brewer’s Cup 2019.

In addition to coffee drippers, ORIGAMI makes mugs and cups designed to optimize the ability to feel warmth of the cup, experience the aromas, and taste freshly brewed coffee.

We are very happy to bring ORIGAMI to the USA. Pick your favorite color and brew a perfect cup of coffee. We would love to see photos of your coffee brewing adventures!



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