Your coffee could taste better.

This is the concept ot LOCA.

LOCA means filtering in Japanese, and as it says this dripper filters the liquds WITHOUT filter paper. It is magical to see that water drips from this dripper!

By applying the techniques built through 400 years of Aritayaki porcelain and ceramic manufacturing, they have created a new method of porcelain creation with numerous micro porous for LOCA. The LOCA filters are made one at a time by each craftsman, and use traditional techniques in new ways to make this amazing product. Please check the production story for more details.

If you drip coffee 3 times a week, you are using about 150 paper filters. You can decrease the amount by using LOCA which leads you to more sustainable lifestyle. With right care and maintainance, LOCA can be used for a very long time. 

Level up your coffee experience with stylish, unique and sustainable newly invented coffee dripper. Also, you can filter any liquid with LOCA. You can use for water, sake or even wine! Enjoy! 


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