Japan has four beautiful seasons, but summer is extremely harsh with high temperatures and humidity. GEL-COOL began with the wish to be able to safely pack a bento meal even when the weather is hot.

The GEL-COOL company was born out of research into bento box construction at Hokkaido University. In 2004, a team of 10 former researchers began producing bento boxes in Hokkaido, the northernmost island of Japan, designed with cold environment preservation in mind.


Due to climate change, every year we are facing longer and hotter weather. With sustainability in mind, these functional BPA free bento boxes not only eliminate the use of one-time use plastic, but keep food fresh and safe from hot weather. Simply put the lid in the freezer the night before and then pack your bento with your favorite foods. GEL-COOL bento boxes are leak proof, have customizable dividers, and keep food fresh throughout the day.

For ten years, the award-winning GEL-COOL square series has been a popular choice for people who like the simple design and color options. GEL-COOL continues to developing innovative products with new designs, materials and collaborations.

Bring bento boxes to your school, work, or even for a weekend picnic!

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